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A very deep midnight blue pontiled blob soda with hints of cornflower
(ref. no. JX9)


Circa 1850, a deep cobalt soda with applied blob top
(ref. no. BS98)


A vibrant purple-hued deep cobalt blue in this circa 1855 soda
(ref. no. GW55)


Circa 1850, a cobalt "no star" variant of this Heiss soda
(ref. no. 2746)


A tough Philly name in the chunky squat variation with nice whittled character, circa 1850
(ref. no. 1975)


A very tough circa 1850-1855 pontiled squat
(ref. no. Y200)


One of many Kirschenmann squats, this one has loads of embossing, great example
(ref. no. 2805)


One of only a few oval slug plate squats from Philly, circa 1845-1850 - scarce
(ref. no. GW122


An uncommon circa 1850-1855 pontiled squat
(ref. no. Y184)


A deep emerald chunky squat, circa 1855, a tough Philly name, very scarce
(ref. no. 2643)


A nice early soda in deep cobalt, but have lip chips, circa 1845-1850
(ref. no. GW83


This is the very scarce "Not to be Sold" variant
(ref. no. Y37)


This is a very deep cobalt blue example of this chunky Philly squat, circa 1850
(ref. no. 2387


A very scarce Philly name, circa 1850-1855, marked down for a base bruise
(ref. no. 2145)


A very nice large mineral water, circa 1865-1870
(ref. no. SW1)


A harder to find Philly name, circa 1855
(ref. no. BS96)


A circa 1865 medium cobalt squat, the Wise variant with the double taper top, circa 1860-1865
(ref. no. SH303)


An uncommon IP squat in deep green, heavy slug plate
(ref. no. X1655)


A circa 1865 green soda or beer from this PA town on the Susquehanna River
(ref. no. SH95)


An earlier "Never Sold" variant with great whittle character, circa 1860-1865
(ref. no. SH239)


Less than 10 known, maybe less than 5. Circa 1850
(ref. no. 3005)


A short slug plate squat from south-central PA, circa 1855
(ref. no. DC29)


Circa 1850-1855, a hefty pontiled slug plate squat
(ref. no. Y250)


A Union Glass Works blob top soda, iron Pontiled, circa 1850
(ref. no. GW134


A nice deep emerald example with crisp mold impression
(ref. no. GW132


A near mint circa 1855 soda
(ref. no. BS51)


This is the scarce green variant of the Conway Bottler squat from Philly, Circa 1850
(ref. no. GW121


A 'small lettering" earlier variant in a deep green color
(ref. no. X1893)


Circa 1855 iron pontiled Philly soda
(ref. no. X1847)


A near mint example of this classic Philly lager squat, circa 1855
(ref. no. MJ3)


A hinge mold (snap case) squat with a crude rectangular slug plate, circa 1855-1860
(ref. no. GW113)


A crude, bubbly and gem mint Congress & Empire mineral water, circa 1870
(ref. no. L149)


Circa 1855 iron pontiled Philly soda
(ref. no. X1739)


This is one of the many variant Johnston bottles, a pontiled example
(ref. no. X1856)


This is a circa 1865 green blob top soda
(ref. no. X1923)


Circa 1855, a Philly pontil soda
(ref. no. X1862)



Circa 1865, a sloped shoulder mold form in a grass-teal green
(ref. no. Y292)


A very nice condition example of this circa 1865-1870 soda
(ref. no. GW91


A circa 1860-1865 NJ slug plate squat, smooth-based, priced down for lip chips
(ref. no. GW104)


Circa 1860 small sized squat from Philadelphia
(ref. no. DM122)


A Civil War era squat soda with double taper top
(ref. no. GW138)


An early gravitating top type hutch
(ref. no. SH212)


A nice clean example of this circa 1870 Philly soda
(ref. no. Y4)



Unembossed, but a nice Civil War soda example
(ref. no. Y61)


An attic mint Trenton hutch, circa 1885
(ref. no. SH216)


A nice circa 1870-1975 Jersey soda
(ref. no. NN31)


Circa 1875-1880 taller blob soda with bold embossing
(ref. no. DM336)


Circa 1870-1875 short blob
(ref. no. Y6)


A narrow split type pony, a circa 1870 soda
(ref. no. DM329)


A circa 1890 mug-based hutch soda
(ref. no. MT26)

A Civil War era squat soda with original closure
(ref. no. DC316)


An iron pontiled icy blue aqua soda with a tapered top, circa 1850
(ref. no. GW108)


A clean block letter Roussel blob soda, pontiled, circa 1855
(ref. no. SH307)


A circa 1865-1870 green Reading squat
(ref. no. DM19)


A near mint example with original diamond-shaped
(ref. no. DC49)


One of the Tweddle variants, a pontiled circa 1850 soda
(ref. no. GW85)


One of the Tweddle variants, a nice deep green pontiled circa 1850 soda
(ref. no. GW124)


A fat, character-filled 8-sided blue pontiled soda, circa 1850 - marked way down because of a crack in the top, doesn't detract
(ref. no. JX6)



This is a very nice colored M'Farland in great shape - "Registered According to Law"
(ref. no. Y295)


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