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Circa 1850, a deep cobalt soda with applied blob top
(ref. no. BS98)


One of several variants of this classic Philadelphia soda and mineral water, dated 1847
(ref. no. 1841)


Circa 1850, a cobalt "no star" variant of this Heiss soda
(ref. no. 2746)


A tough Philly name in the chunky squat variation with nice whittled character, circa 1850
(ref. no. 1975)


A very tough circa 1850-1855 pontiled squat
(ref. no. Y200)


A vibrant purple-hued deep cobalt blue in this circa 1855 soda
(ref. no. GW55)


One of many Kirschenmann squats, this one has loads of embossing, great example
(ref. no. 2805)


An uncommon circa 1850-1855 pontiled squat
(ref. no. Y184)


A deep emerald chunky squat, circa 1855, a tough Philly name, very scarce
(ref. no. 2643)


This is the very scarce "Not to be Sold" variant
(ref. no. Y37)


A super nice condition example with wrap around block lettering, circa 1865
(ref. no. SH102)

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Circa 1855, a deep green slug plate squat, the Brown Stout variant
(ref. no. X1945)


A very nice large mineral water, circa 1865-1870
(ref. no. SW1)


An uncommon IP squat in deep green, heavy slug plate
(ref. no. X1655)


A circa 1865 green soda or beer from this PA town on the Susquehanna River
(ref. no. SH95)


Less than 10 known, maybe less than 5. Circa 1850
(ref. no. 3005)


This pontiled squat as a great pontil and whittle character
(ref. no. BS5)

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A near mint circa 1855 soda
(ref. no. BS51)


Circa 1855, a nice Philly pontil soda
(ref. no. X1849

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A near mint example of this classic Philly lager squat, circa 1855
(ref. no. MJ3)


A crude, bubbly and gem mint Congress & Empire mineral water, circa 1870
(ref. no. L149)


This is an uncommon aqua variant, circa 1855
(ref. no. X1712)


A classic Roussel, Civil War period
(ref. no. Y58)


This is one of the many variant Johnston bottles, a pontiled example
(ref. no. X1856)


This is a circa 1865 green blob top soda
(ref. no. X1923)


Circa 1855, a Philly pontil soda
(ref. no. X1862)


A circa 1865-1870 green Reading squat
(ref. no. DM19)


An uncommon deep green Philly soda, Civil War Era
(ref. no. Y225)


Circa 1860 small sized squat from Philadelphia
(ref. no. DM122)


An early gravitating top type hutch
(ref. no. SH212)


This is the uncommon cut-down mold, circa 1865
(ref. no. X1914)


A nice clean example of this circa 1870 Philly soda
(ref. no. Y4)


An attic mint Trenton hutch, circa 1885
(ref. no. SH216)


A nice circa 1870-1975 Jersey soda
(ref. no. NN31)


A circa 1890 hutch soda, mug-based style, great shape
(ref. no. X1595)


Circa 1875-1880 taller blob soda with bold embossing
(ref. no. DM336)


Circa 1870-1875 short blob
(ref. no. Y6)


A tall mug-based hutch, circa 1890
(ref. no. X1925)


A pony sized blob soda, circa 1875-1880
(ref. no. SH74


This is a name I've never seen, circa 1870
(ref. no. DY27)

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A narrow split type pony, a circa 1870 soda
(ref. no. DM329)


A beautiful example with bold strike and clean, circa 1875
(ref. no. B16)

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A circa 1870 C & I type
(ref. no. SH214)

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A circa 1890 hutch soda, mug-based style, great shape
(ref. no. X1598)


A circa 1870-75 Philadelphia soda
(ref. no. DM326)


A pony sized blob soda, circa 1875
(ref. no. L232


A pony sized blob soda, circa 1875-1880
(ref. no. SH74


A blob soda dated 1887
(ref. no. DM327)


A circa 1885-90 mug-based hutch soda
(ref. no. DM298)


A stubby short hutch, circa 1885-1890
(ref. no. SH77


An 1880's era short stubby hutch
(ref. no. DM306)


A nice earlier Philly hutch, sirca 1885
(ref. no. Y97)


A clear variant, circa 1890
(ref. no. DM578)


A circa 1885-90 hutch soda
(ref. no. DM297)


A circa 1870-75 Philadelphia soda
(ref. no. DM323)


A deep green example, circa 1850-1855
(ref. no. X1708)


A near mint example of this classic Philly slug plate squat, circa 1855
(ref. no. MJ6)


A nice condition mug based short hutch with picture of a bottle
(ref. no. DM577)



Circa 1850-1855 Philly Deep Blue-Green Soda
(ref. no. X1740)


A near mint block letter blob soda, pontiled, circa 1855
(ref. no. BS44


A splendid looking attic bottle, loads of pontil residue, never tumbled cleaned
(ref. no. BS47)


A deep cobalt blue squat from southeast PA, Civil War era, great example
(ref. no. BS149)


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