Inks and Poisons






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A gem mint circa 1870 ink with applied pour spout top and front and back labels
(ref. no. BS79)

On Hold


A gem mint circa 1870-1875 ink with applied taper top
(ref. no. BS78)

On Hold


A super crude, hammmered and very heavy ink with applied and tooled top
(ref. no. FL305)


Either the top was beveled for hardware or this was cut down. Nevertheless, a rare color ink, greenish yellow amber
(ref. no. FL590)
A beautiful ink with heavy hammered crudity, 3-part mold, circa 1850
(ref. no. X1702)
A large quart sized 3-part mold, crude embossing, circa 1870-1875
(ref. no. BS119)


A lovely set of 2 color variants of this 1880's ink(ref. no. FL170633)
A deep cobalt master ink (ref. no. EK10)


All hand blown, 19th Century
(ref. no. M164)


An uncommon color variant
(ref. no. FL413)


A small oval basket figura with blue ink residue, circa 1855
(ref. no. FL570)
Attic Mint Irregular Mint, Circa 1865
(ref. no. X1022)


A mint condition 6-sided flat back style poison
(ref. no. BS54)


This poison insecticide is heavily embossed
(ref. no. DM235)


A crude spool ink in deep teal green color, circa 1880
(ref. no. FL126)


An earlier smooth-based but crude ink in black amethyst
(ref. no. FL543)
An unembossed teakettle with 12-sided hump
(ref. no. FL181)
A crude 1850 era ink with rolled lip
(ref. no. FL384)
A 1866 patent date on is the dome of this fresh mold example - super crude attic bottle
(ref. no. FL598)
A 1870 vintage shear top 10-sided ink. The color is aqua with dark blue ink residue - attic bottle
(ref. no. FL110)

A deep green 6-sided flat back style poison
(ref. no. BS63)


A perfect attic mint example of this circa 1905 master ink (ref. no. K35)


A hand blown ink with most of the front and back labels, attic find
(ref. no. FL132)


This poison has a picture of a bug being pierced by a pin, circa 1885
(ref. no. DM234)


A large sized example in mint condition
(ref. no. BS64)


A circa 1880 mint poison
(ref. no. NN22)


Circa 1855, this green ink has some lip damage, but nice example
(ref. no. A26)


Just missed pontiled, nice earlier small ink
(ref. no. A32)


A circa 1885 poison
(ref. no.SH47)


A circa 1890 gem mint poison
(ref. no. NN23)


An attractive chocolate colored ink, very chunky with crude glazing
(ref. no. FL495)
A near mint example with brass lid
(ref. no. FL428)
A circa 1880 mint poison
(ref. no.SH48)


A nice spool ink with natural patina and a lot of character, circa 1885
(ref. no. FL415)


A circa 1885 master ink, vertically embossed, applied top
(ref. no. DM209)


A circa 1890 nice colored poison
(ref. no. NN19)


A gem mint example, hand tooled top, circa 1890
(ref. no. BS105)


Dug in a Philly privy, crude
(ref. no. A28)


A circa 1885 poison
(ref. no.SH59)


A mint condition poison, hexagonal
(ref. no. BS58)


A small ink with beveled shoulders
(ref. no. FL588)

This long neck cylinder poison is circa 1880
(ref. no. DM236)


A circa 1885 small master ink, with pour spout
(ref. no. DM208)


A nice beige spotted cylinder ink, circa 1870
(ref. no. X1256)


A circa 1910 mint poison
(ref. no. NN20)


An 1890 vintage square ink(ref. no. FL421)
A pretty circa 1885 ink
(ref. no. X1254)


A circa 1880 crude master ink
(ref. no. FL187)



A beautiful ink in light orange that grabs the light, applied top, circa 1885-90
(ref. no. X1202)



A circa 1880 master ink
(ref. no. NN20X)



An electric orange color, hand blown
(ref. no. FL124)



A scarce color variant, very hard to find
(ref. no. FL111)