Inks and Poisons






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A beautiful ink with heavy hammered crudity, 3-part mold, circa 1850
(ref. no. X1702)
A circa 1880 mint poison
(ref. no. NN21)


A circa 1880 mint poison
(ref. no. NN22)


This is a cool ink with world embossed on shoulders
(ref. no. X1592)


Dug in a Philly privy, crude
(ref. no. A28)


Circa 1855, this green ink has some lip damage, but nice example
(ref. no. A26)


All hand blown, 19th Century
(ref. no. M164)


Attic mint small size example
(ref. no. L172)


A gem mint American poison deep blue
(ref. no. L259)


Just missed pontiled, nice earlier small ink
(ref. no. A32)


Attic mint with original Carter-labeled pour stopper, large size
(ref. no. K37)


Attic mint smaller example, attic mint
(ref. no. K36)


Attic Mint Irregular Mint, Circa 1865
(ref. no. X1022)


A nice beige spotted cylinder ink, circa 1870
(ref. no. X1256)


A small circa 1895 poison
(ref. no. F427)
Attic mint small size example
(ref. no. H221)


A circa 1910 mint poison
(ref. no. NN20)


A pretty circa 1885 ink
(ref. no. X1254)


Dug in a Philly privy, short neck
(ref. no. A29)


A circa 1890 gem mint poison
(ref. no. NN23)


A circa 1890 nice colored poison
(ref. no. NN19)


A perfect attic mint example of this circa 1905 master ink (ref. no. K35)


A beautiful ink in light orange that grabs the light, applied top, circa 1885-90
(ref. no. X1202)