Antique Bottles Wanted
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I pay top prices for collections of old bottles in the categories I seek. I've purchased single bottles as well as more than 100 boxes in a single collection.

I buy from both longtime experienced collectors, construction workers who salvage bottles from work sites, casual collectors, and have helped families settle estates.

Please note - I DO NOT buy any machine made bottles, those made after 1900 generally. This includes milk bottles, Coke type soda bottles, Chlorox, etc. More than 95% of the inquiries I get are for these newer, more common bottles. They may be collectible, but I'm not your buyer. I'm mainly after pre-1880 embossed bottles and associated artifacts. .

If you have earlier bottles and are thinking of selling, please text me pictures of bottles or groupings. This way, I can see ages and types. Please let me know your general location so I can consider whether it's within driving distance or would need to be shipped. My location is just west of Philadelphia. I'm willing to travel to view better collections.

Call and text pictures to 610-329-0055

I strive to reply to everyone. But since I often get dozens of inquiries every day, please understand that if I don't get back to you it's because your items are too new or otherwise don't match my needs.