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Welcome to Kreeger's Antique Bottle Marketplace!

WELCOME and thanks for visitng my site.

This site was created in 1998 by Danielle Kreeger to sell, trade and buy early American utilitarian glassware.  You'll find a list of items for sale to the left. And to the right is a description of the types of bottles I might buy.

My focus is on quality hand blown bottles that are priced within reach of most collectors. I buy, trade and sell to support my own collecting habit.

I started digging and collecting antique bottles in 1969 when I lived on a PA farm and dug dumps. Over the past 50+ years, I've dug or water searched from coast to coast, in Europe, Carribean and my "privy journal" now has almost 800 entries.

My main interests are pontiled sodas, mineral waters and beers, especially from Philadelphia and vicinity.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Specializing in pontiled sodas and beers
























Fresh Bottles to Be Listed Soon !

Inquire if You See Anything



If you have embossed hand blown bottles from before 1875, please contact me if you're interested in selling. It can be a few good bottles or a large collection. Simply text group pics to my cell, 610-329-0055. More info is here.

*** Please note ***

I'm NOT interested in modern machine made bottles. Nothing newer than 1880.

Here are the three GOOD attributes of a collectible bottle :

  • Hand blown (seam stops on neck)
  • Embossed business names or product descriptions on sides or shoulders
  • Pontil scarred bottoms

Here are the three BAD attributes, meaning little interest by most collectors:

  • Machine made (seam goes to top of lip)
  • Screw tops
  • No embossed (or labels) with product or business descriptions

There are exceptions of course, and it can be difficult to discern modern reproductions that might be pontil scarred and hand blown. If in doubt, feel free to send me pics.

Pictures of singles or groups can be sent to either my email ( or texted to my phone (610-329-0055). 

Construction Crews: Please contact me if you have finds from work sites to sell. Simply text pics to my phone:610-329-0055. If you have active work sites in the mid-Atantic area, let me know if you need expert help finishing pits. The best stuff is usually at the bottom. I have safely dug >700 privies up to 38 feet deep, and I have the best safety equipment and digger friends.


Construction Crews: Please reach out if you want advice or direct assistance on how to safely excavate privies on worksites to avoid breaking or missing key items. We have the gear, insurance, and 800+ privy experience.

Property Owners: If you have an older house (pre-1875) and would like help finding and excavating the privy, drop me a line.


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