Foods and Jars






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This is an attractive earlier sauce type bottle with a picture of a robot-like gloved hand, likely 1890's
(ref. no. X1434)


This is an unusual colored JSP bottle, a deep peacock blue, great shape
(ref. no. JP8)


A post-Civil War Philly area dressing bottle
(ref. no. X1586)


A mint quart example
(ref. no. SH13)


A near mint quart, very pretty
(ref. no. SH17)


A Whitall Tatum mint quart, very pretty, mint
(ref. no. SH20)


This is a wonky shaped very narrow sauce where the neck is slightly offset from the body, circa 1880
(ref. no. M146)


An attic mint deep blue green spiral step banded sauce, circa 1885
(ref. no. M149)


An circa 1885-1890 Pepper Sauce, Crude
(ref. no. M172)


The neck tilts on this attic conditions cathdral sauce, circa 1875-1880
(ref. no. M147)


This is a gem mint horizontal ribbed sauce, circa 1880
(ref. no. M191)


A circa 1885 sided bottle with loads of character, mint
(ref. no. BS7)


A late 1800's pint sized midget 1858 jar with small mouth and lid
(ref. no. JP2)


A somewhat crude example with ground lip
(ref. no. H76)


A late 1800's quart with ground lip
(ref. no. C52)


A pint, embossed in circlular pattern
(ref. no. H75)