Bitters & Hair Bottles






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A snap case Civil War era super crude example
(ref. no. BS15)



An attic mint orange-hued example, great strile
(ref. no. L166)
A gem mint example, circa 1885
(ref. no. BS28)
A gem mint orange amber example, circa 1880
(ref. no. BS12)
A small pontiled New York hair bottle, mid-1800's
(ref. no. M34)
A circa 1865-1870 round bitters, nice and crude
(ref. no. M91)


A super crude, gem mint circa 1865 bitters by C. M. Jackson
(ref. no. M144)
A circa 1880 square paneled bitters
(ref. no. M189)
A classic unusual colored hair tonic
(ref. no. M193)


A crude circa 1850 New York medicine
(ref. no. M304)


A circa 1870 crude flask type bitters with beveled corners
(ref. no. M233)
A gem mint version, crude, Civil War period
(ref. no. M231)
A circa 1870 hair bottle, crude, with lots of character
(ref. no. M178)
A circa 1880 paneled bitters, great condition
(ref. no. M88)
A decent example with a good strike, circa 1875-1880
(ref. no. W223)
A hair bottle with interesting hair brush picture, circa 1890
(ref. no. H156)
A nice light orange paneled hair bottle, circa 1890
(ref. no. X1216)


A circa 1880's bitters
(ref. no. W222)
A nice amber Boston medicine, circa 1910
(ref. no. X1015)


An orange amber New York hair bottle, circa 1875 (ref. no. X1025)


A crisp strike, earlier example, circa 1880
(ref. no. X1395)
A crude circa 1850 New York medicine
(ref. no. X1021)


A circa 1880 square bitters, brilliant orangeish color
(ref. no. M190)