Circa 1860-1865 Green TWITCHELL, Hat Top Philly Soda

This is a sloped shoulder mold form, smooth-based, nice color and some attractive opalescent sheen. The hat top is hand applied.

Embossed: TWITCHELL / T (large open block letter) / PHILADA // TWITCHELL / T (large open block letter) / PHILADA

Height: 7 7/8"  
Color: grass-teal green

Condition: structurally perfect with no dings, chips, cracks. It's a privy-dug bottle that has only been rinsed out, so it retains some patchy stain and spotty wear. A quick tumble polish would clean this up nicely, but I prefer the natural look with the opalescence.

Reference Number: Y292

Price: $30