Amber Eagle Flask - GII-86








Circa 1845 New England (Stoddard?) Amber Eagle/Eagle Flask - GII-86

This half pint eagle flask is in perfect condition except for a hairline crack in the neck (would be $250 otherwise). The bottom is open pontiled bottom with seam running across. The mold seam up one side has jagged extra glass that oozed into the mold, very crude. The top is a plain shear, with no roughness. Nice strike.

Embossed: Eagle pic / Eagle pic

Height: 6 3/8" 

Color: deep olive-hued amber

Condition: mint except for a half moon hairline that goes from the neck into the shoulder, alittle over 1/2", no harm really. I had to examine it under bright light. The price is greatly reduced to allow for this one slight issue.

Reference Number:  KP13

Price: $110