Pontiled Ertel Brown Stout







Circa 1850-1855 Pontiled P. Ertel Brown Stout, Philadelphia

This is a really tough Philly name and it comes with and without the "brown Stout". The top is an applied double taper. Base has a strong iron pontil with residue and frosted scarring. I dug this in late 2019 in a Philly priny.

Embossed: P. ERTEL / P W (large script letters) // BROWN / STOUT

Height: 7 1/8 "  
Color: deep apple green

Condition: Excellent - near structurally (no dings, chips, cracks), just a pinhead nip on collar that you need to feel for. Otherwise, there is spotty light wear and patchy haze. Never tumble cleaned and would polish clean nicely if you don't like the natural look.

Reference Number: Y200

Price: $270