Atlantic City, NJ - Uncommon Squat - LOGUE







Circa 1865-1870 Atlantic City, New Jersey Squat - Logue

This bottle was in Philly with "The Privy Diggers" in Philly in December, 2017. I've seen a few Logue bottles over the years, but they're very rare and I haven't seen this porter squat variant. The top is a hand applied double taper.

Embossed: H. LOGUE / ATLANTIC CITY / N. J.

Height:  6 7/8 "
Color: deep aqua to light teal

Condition: excellent - structurally perfect (no dings, chips or cracks), but a dug, uncleaned bottle patchy haze and some overal wear that could be tumbled. Collar and top are perfect.

Reference Number:  PD6

Price: $49