Trenton, NJ - Richardson Pontiled Soda







Hefty Pontiled Squat - N. Richardson, Trenton, N.J.

This is a heavy and wide squat in a deep green from Trenton, iron pontiled, and with a double taper top. Circa 1895-1855.

Embossed: N. RICHARDSON / (empty circle slug mark) / TRENTON / N. J. // THIS BOTTLE / N / NEVER SOLD

Height:  7 1/4" 
Color: deep emerald green

Condition: Possibly an attic find, with the original cork still wedged in the top, this bottle has no cracks, chips, dings, etc. It 's clean, but it does have a <1/4" open surface bubble, a few ticks on the collar that you need to feel for, and some spotty wear and light scuffing. The pontil is clear but minimal residue. Never tumbled.

Reference Number:  M257

Price: $125