E. J. F. BRANDS - Sealed Gin








Circa 1865 E. J. F. BRANDS, Schiedam - Light Olive Green Sealed Gin

This is probably the crudest, most character filled gin I've ever seen. You really need to see it to appreciate it. It has thousands of micro bubbles in a heavy hammered glass finish. The seal is applied, as is the taper top. Also, the color is a pleasing light grabber. And the name is less common. And it's an oversized quart. Lots going for this bottle!

Embossed in Seal: E. J. F. BRANDS / SCHIEDAM

Height:  11 3/8"  

Color: light grass-hued olive green

Condition: mint - structurally prefect with no dings, chips, nips, etc. Clean. Only spotty ltrace wear mentioned for accuracy.

Reference Number:  LA152

Price: $135