For Pike's Peak - Pint GXI-10








Civil War Pittsburgh Flask - For Pike's Peak - Half Pint

This is a super nice half pint flask with an excellent embossing strike for the small size. The man on the front is facing left, and the eagle on the reverse is facing right. Nice deep aqua. The top is an applied taper band ring top.

Embossed: FOR PIKE'S PEAK / (pic of man walking with cane and satchel over shoulder) / OLD RYE // (pic of right facing eagle) / PITTSBURGH / PA

Height:  6 5 /8"  
Color: icy deep aqua

Condition: Nearest mint - structurally perfect (no dings, chips, cracks) and clean, just slight spotty high point wear mentioned for complete accuracy. Nice bottle.

Reference Number:  L98

Price: $90