Lambertville, NJ - Pontiled Green KOHL







Attic Condition Scarce NJ Soda - G. A. KOHL, Pontiled

This is a tougher NJ soda with an iron pontil scar that has lots of residue, a hand tooled and applied double tapered blob, circa 1855.

Embossed: G. A. KOHL / LAMBERTVILLE / N. J. // K (large filled block letter)

Height:  7 3/8 "  
Color: deep teal green

Condition: Near mint - structurally perfect (no dings, chips, cracks), clean, just a few spots of wear mentioned for complete accuracy. There is a long string bubble inside the neck (see pix) that is partly open and discolored. Doesn't look like it was ever tuumbled, natural base wear and soft patina.

Reference Number:  L87

Price: $130