Easton PA Green Squat Blob - SEITZ







Civil War Green Soda - SEITZ Bros, Easton, PA

There are many variants of these squats. This one is not the taper top, but instead is a blob top lager type. Circa 1865 in a deep teal green.

Embossed: SEITZ BROS / EASTON, PA // S (large open block letter variant)

Height:  6 7/8"  
Color: deep teal green

Condition: very good - structurally sound with no chips or cracks, but there is a very subtle 1/4" light line in the lip, possibly a slight cork pry flash, plus overall light swirl wear that could be tumble cleaned, some haze. An uncleaned bottle with natural patina.

Reference Number:  L49

Price: $35