Easton PA Green Squat - SEITZ







Civil War Deep Green Soda - J. A. SEITZ, Easton

Seitz is not a rare name for southeast PA, but there are many variants. This one is scarcer, being a much deeper green and having the initials (earlier). It has an applied double taper top, circa 1865.

Embossed: J. A. SEITZ / EASTON, PA // S (large single line variant)

Height:  7 1/8"  
Color: deep emerald green with teal hints

Condition: Near mint - structurally perfect (no dings, chips, cracks), clean, just spotty high point wear, one pinhead nip off collar, and a small ping near the bottom. There is also a potstone (see pic).

Reference Number:  L36

Price: $39