Franklin / Franklin O.P. Flask - GI-97








Pontiled Historical Flask - McKearin GI-97

This circa 1850 quart flask was produced at the Kensington Glass Works in Philadelphia. It's listed by McKearin as GI-97. Most of the Franklin flasks have Dr. Dyott on the reverse, but this variant has Franklin's portrait on both sides. The top is a hand tooled shear top, nicely annealed, no issues. The bottom is open pontiled.

Embossed: picture of Ben Franklin / picture of Ben Franklin

Height:  8 1 /8"  
Color: deeper aqua

Condition: Near Mint - structurally perfect (no dings, chips, cracks) and clean. Never cleaned I think, natural base wear and patina. There is also a long string bubble wrapping from the neck almost 360 degrees into Franklin's forehead, slightly open in spots, noted for accuracy.

Reference Number:  L118

Price: $180