Columbia - Eagle B & W Flask, GI-121








Columbia - Eagle B & W Flask, pontil scar, GI-121 - Scarce

This pint sized flask as 13 small six-pointed stars in a semicircle above bust. The flag has 9 vertical bars instead of 10. The edges have 3 vertical ribs with the middle one heavy. This is a Portrait Flask, American, 1820-1840. Sheared mouth, open pontil scar. Very strong mold impression! These typically sell at auction for $500-600, when they come up.

Embossed: (portrait of Columbia under series of stars) // (pic of right facing Eagle) / B & W

Color: deep aqua

Condition: near perfect - it's perfect structurally (no dings, chips or cracks), only a few trace wear spots, and clean. Only thing I can find is a very slight spot of roughness on the heel, a fleabite type scratch I thing - mentioned for complete accuracy. A great example.

Reference Number:  ET35

Price: $460