Dyottville Washington / Taylor Flask - GI-37








Circa 1845-1850 Dyottville Glass Works Washington / Taylor Flask - GI-37

This is a chubby quart flask with plain lip and open pontil on a very recessed bottom.

Embossed: THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY / (portrait of Washington) // DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS PHILAD.A / GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS / (portrait of Taylor)

Height: 8 1/4" 

Color: aqua

Condition: there is a hard to see 2" hairline down the one side aqay from the mold seam. It's very subtle and I almost missed it, hard to photograph. Otherwise, this one displays very nice with only a few patches of light ghost haze and spotty trace wear.

Reference Number:  ET30

Price: $32